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Download Match Report Pro today and create detailed match reports, player statistics, receive payments, get your team's availability PLUS a whole load more, all at the touch of a button.

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Match Report Pro is The Ultimate Grassroots Football App ... designed by people working in Grassroots Football, for Grassroots Football.

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Available on both iOS and Android devices, you can also manage your team on our website (however, live scoring can only be used via our app (but of course, who takes their computer to a football match anyway?)

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Add your team & player information to the app to allow them to access the match reports and statistics, and check their availability for matches and training.

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You can now use the app and web to manage your team, accept payments, create match reports, view statistics and much more! Enjoy!

Live Scoring, Match Reports & Statistics

Match Report Pro's unique capabilities allow you to create live text, statistics, team-lineups and statistics, live and in-play during your team's matches.

About Match Report Pro

The Ultimate Grassroots Football App

Easily communicate match events live from the side-line, reporting results straight to your clubs fan base.
Invite players & parents to your upcoming matches and training and keep on top of who will be attending.
Gone are the days of spending 2 hours writing up a match report! Our clever app will create you a written match report after the final whistle, including all of the crucial highlights, man of the match and the manager’s 'interview'.
Appearances, goals scored, assists, shots on/off target, red cards and much more are all recorded and displayed on your team profile. Warning: It might get a bit more competitive in the dressing room!

The Ultimate


Report live coverage of your games and create detailed match reports, player statistics and social media updates at the touch of a button

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